The EPFL Students Foundation

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The EPFL Students Foundation (FEE), which was set up in 2002 with assets from the Social Foundation, provides various forms of student-oriented financing.

The FEE’s aim is to help students make the most of their time at EPFL, while promoting sustainable living and a community spirit on our campus. Last year the FEE invested over CHF 500,000 in renovating Place Cosandey, a favorite meeting place for students; the revamped square was inaugurated in March 2019. The FEE also covered half of the cost of EPFL’s new Bike Center.

The FEE provides individual support to students as well. This includes the Poséidon loan-guarantee program, whereby students enrolled at EPFL can take out a zero-interest-rate loan – backed by the FEE – from Credit Suisse to buy a laptop. And to encourage green mobility, the FEE helps students buy used bicycles from the Bike Center by covering part of the cost.

Students can also apply for financial aid directly to the FEE. Applications are reviewed by its five-member board (including two student members), which then decides whether to grant scholarships or ad hoc funding for students in need. Finally, the FEE also finances larger-scale student-oriented initiatives. When the Estudiantines dormitories were built in 2010, for instance, the FEE paid for all the interior furnishings. It did the same for the Atrium dormitories in 2013.

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