Digitizing HR processes

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In 2018, we introduced a broad HR digitization initiative with some 20 different projects that will be implemented over the next two years.

As part of our HR strategy, we have launched an initiative to digitize the department’s core business processes so that it can operate more efficiently. Various automation and improvement projects will be carried out under this initiative in accordance with HR priorities.

Our HR managers still have to deal with reams of paperwork: administrative forms, medical certificates, family-benefit applications, employer certificates, employment contracts, and more. These documents are typically received manually and then scanned. But under our new initiative, such paperwork will be managed electronically through new features on the Sesame portal, which is available to all EPFL employees. These new features will let employees update their personal data themselves, for example, rather than having to involve the HR department.

Other projects include a system to generate HR indicators automatically, as well as a virtual “HR helpdesk” where employees can find important information on HR issues and centralize their HR requests so that they can be processed more quickly.

This initiative aims to modernize many of the department’s processes and systems and introduce new time-saving software –allowing HR staff to focus on higher value-added tasks.

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