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Whether they spend their days running experiments in the lab, collecting samples out in the field or crunching data at their computer, the 4,000 people performing research at EPFL are working to build new knowledge that will help further the progress of our society and our planet.

The stories selected for our 2018 annual report will give you an overview of the important work we do. EPFL research is disseminated through articles in prestigious journals, conference presentations, books, patent applications, innovative prototypes and vibrant young startups. All this stands as irrefutable proof of our School’s energy and drive.

And the breadth of research conducted on our campus reflects the very essence of EPFL – rich in its diversity, strong through its synergies. From atomic processes to the cosmos, from human behavior to sophisticated algorithms, from biological mechanisms to disease-fighting therapies, our scientists and engineers are relentless in their quest for groundbreaking discoveries that deliver direct benefits to society. As you will see in the following articles, they are aided in their quest by state-of-the-art lab equipment and the inquisitive spirit that permeates our campus.

What’s more, thanks to our School’s open access policy, the results of our research and the large amounts of data we collect are shared freely and widely. Our policy requires researchers to make their findings available on open-source platforms at most six months after they are officially published. The goal is to help the scientific community develop global responses to what have become global challenges – climate change is a prime example – and to expand the impact of our research. Knowledge becomes more powerful when it’s shared. At EPFL, we’re proud to be a driving force behind that truth.

Andreas Mortensen
Vice President for Research

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